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Tottingham Builders has been solicited many times for consultation work over the years – from Homeowner / Contractor disputes, building defects, litigation, to real estate construction and investing. Tottingham Builders has expert knowledge in many areas of the building industry. Having built numerous new construction homes along with several home additions and remodeling jobs – Tottingham Builders has expert knowledge on the building envelope and how the forces of nature affect your home in Michigan.

Many homeowners are overwhelmed with their home’s poor or inadequate construction and frustrated with their builder’s attempts to mend the recurring problems.

Pre Construction Consultation Services:

  • Free initial meeting and plan idea review
  • Overall project and concept development
  • Budget goal and priorities outline
  • Municipal construction variances
  • General Construction planning regarding project vision and goal setting
  • Site Planning
  • Evaluation of interest i.e.: sustainable/Green building practices, Geo Thermal HVAC, Solar, off the grid conceptual ideas and goals.
  • Permitting Well/Septic Building and other permits as required
  • Value engineering and overall design concepts including site evaluation
  • Coordination of design engineer and architectural planning with the team selected by client
  • Budget outline and construction planning based upon preliminary plans and site evaluation
  • Scope of work outline and budget planning based upon final design blueprint/working drawing and engineering as required


Found a great deal on vacant land or a house – and would like to build, renovate, split or flip for a profit. We can help you with the many challenges of real estate investing.

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